If you are searching for a pcd pharma franchise but do not know exactly what it takes for pcd pharma franchise,  well! you ended up at right place. Today I am going to explain all the necessities for taking franchise of pharmaceutical company for your area. If you don’t know what is pcd pharma franchise, then you can read it in our PCD PHARMA PRICE LIST article. Now let’s dive in:


1. Past Work Experience in Pharma Field:

As in the pcd pharmaceutical business,  you alone are responsible for many activities like:

  • Survey for demand of various pharmaceutical products.
  • Procurement of goods from a pcd pharmaceutical company.
  • Promotion of brands in your area.
  • Consultation with doctors and chemists.
  • Distribution of goods by appointing stockists.
  • Payment collection.
  • Distribution of gifts to doctor.

In order to perform these activities efficiently and effectively, you need to have some kind of pharma experience working for some company in the past. If you don’t have any past experience with any big company then no need to worry. We at Trumac Healthcare are always ready to help you and your staff in training for each activity listed above.

2. Drug License Number:

This is one of the most essential requirements for pharma franchise. As we cannot sell goods to anyone without drug license as per rules, so it forms the integral requirement if you want to purchase goods from any pharmaceutical company.

In case you are wondering how the DL (Drug License) looks like then here is the picture of sample drug license on the right.

Now the question arises:

Q. How do I get DL No.?

In order to get drug license number you need to consult with the Drug Inspector of your Area. He will let you know all the requirements for Drug License Number, some of which are:

  • Min. past experience of 1.5 years as head person in any pharma company.
  • Min Space requirements for the godown and office.
  • One witness of pharmaceutical company and so on.

In case you are facing any problem in getting Drug License Number, you can contact us.


3. Sale Tax Number

Now that we have DL no. we need to apply for Sale Tax Number (TIN no.) to be exact.  You need TIN Number to make the purchase as well as sale of goods. Your VAT No. can be used to purchase the goods at CST rate and sell the goods at VAT.



There are two major types of Tax that play role in pharma industry.

  1. CST (Central Sales Tax)When you make an interstate purchase from any pharmaceutical company of any other state you need to pay an additional tax of 2% on the purchase amount of goods to the company.
  2. VAT (Value Added Tax): When you sell those items in your area then you will charge 5% tax on invoice from your customers and submit it to sale tax department (same dept which issued your TIN no.)


In this way sale tax number is very important requirement for pcd pharma franchise.


To generate WayBill for Transportation:

If you want that pcd pharma company should send your goods via transport, which by the way is most economical way of transporting goods, you have to generate a waybill and send it to pcd pharma company so that it can raise the invoice against it.

That waybill will be generated online with the use of your TIN No. So here also TIN no. plays an important role.


4. Stockist

Now that you have goods, DL & Tin number, you need someone to distribute your goods in your area. Now the question arises:

 Q. Why can’t I distribute goods in my area?

The reason to hire stockist in your area is to relieve yourself from the responsibility of distribution of goods to various chemists and collect payments from them, which infact is very tiresome and big responsibility. So if you have an option to outsource this activity then you should not think twice.


You can hire some good reputable stockist in your area who serves as stockist of many other companies as well. This will secure your payment from various chemists and you can solely focus on promotion of products in your area.


5. Medical Representatives

This requirement for pcd pharma franchise will largely depend on how you will promote your products. There are two ways of Selling products in your area:

  • Ethical Promotion: In this way, you make calls/reminders to the doctors and convince them to write your medicines to their patients.
  • Dispensing: In this way, you directly dump your goods on the chemist counter and he will substitute your products in place of some other company’s products.

So, if you are promoting your company in an ethical manner then you need someone to make calls to the doctors. Now here Medical Reps come into play. They will go to the doctors to make calls and bring some order from chemists.

In a way they are the links between doctors, chemists and stockist. So if you can afford to hire few MR’s then this is the best possible way to promote products in your area.



Last but not least, you need to invest some money before you get to make some good returns. There is some kind of investments which are necessary to promote you products in your area. Some of them are:

  • Investment to purchase pharmaceutical products from pcd pharma company.
  • Investment to make those products available in various chemists shops and stockists.
  • Investment to give gift items to doctors in order to convince them to prescribe your medicines.
  • Investment to hire Medical reps in case you are promoting your products ethically.
  • Investment to give credit to chemists and stockists for a minimum period of 60 day.

So these are the minimum requirements you need to fulfill for pcd pharma frachiseI know its lot to take in at first step, so if your any question has left unanswered, then you can alway contact us at +91-9041677932.


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